Musa Maneka, son of first Lady Bushra Bibi, has categorically said that his mother’s close friend Farah Khan’s “corruption” has nothing to do with the Maneka family.

“Farah Khan has settled in Dubai and our family has no link with the alleged deals done by Farah Khan,” said Musa while speaking to Geo News.

The first lady’s son Musa told Geo News that Farah Khan has “nothing to do” with the Maneka family. And what she did with his mother and Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan was “not right”.


“Farah Khan set off for Dubai on April 3 and reached there through a foreign flight EK623 from Lahore. She used a Pakistani passport and attended an iftar dinner in Abu Dhabi yesterday. According to family sources, Farah was invited to the iftar dinner by Maryam Riaz, sister of Bushra Bibi,” reports The News.

Geo News’ Lahore Bureau Chief Raees Ansari visited Farah Khan’s village near Sheikhupura. He said that Farah Khan has built a hospital, school, and roads in a very short time in this village, which looks more developed than all the villages of Punjab.

Farah Khan become controversial after Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) dissident Abdul Aleem Khan levelled a number of allegations against former Chief Minister Usman Buzdar, on April 4, saying that he was involved in bribery over transfers and postings in Punjab. He also accused Farah Khan, of being complicit in these transfers.

Aleem Khan accused Farah Khan of corruption with the connivance of her “contacts in the power corridors”. Later, rumours started making rounds suggesting that Farah Khan left for Dubai on Sunday in the wake of the no-confidence motion.

It is pertinent to mention here that Farah joined PTI four years ago. She was also present during the wedding ceremony of PM Khan and Bushra Bibi.