A video clip in which two members of a gang of robbers named chadda group could be seen robbing people in broad daylight, has gone viral since being posted on Twitter.

The video clip was recorded by a citizen in the North Nazimabad neighborhood of the city. In the video, robbers can be seen mugging citizens at gunpoint.

One of the muggers is seen wearing shorts. Twitter is now reacting to the rather unusual outfit.


One wrote, “Do u think they ll be wearing chaddas w chaada group printed on their chadda”

Another user tweeted, “If they try n rob me i’ll just start laughing in their faces n they’ll be so embarrassed that they’re gonna leave.”

Broad day light robbery has created a sense of fear among the citizens of Karachi. People are asking law enforcing agencies to take action against the chadda group, as Karachi continues to be unprotected from street mugging.