The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has recently made changes to Form 45, a document used for counting results.

According to the ECP, from now on, date and time will also be entered into Form 45. The Commission said that objections to the amendment can be submitted till October 20.

What is Form 45


Form 45, commonly known as the “Result of the Count” form, is a significant record in the Pakistani electoral process. It plays a pivotal role in documenting and revealing voting outcomes at specific polling stations. Here, we delve into the importance of Form 45 and its role in Pakistan’s electoral process:

Purpose: Form 45 is a cornerstone of transparency and accountability in Pakistan’s elections. Its primary goal is to create an official record of voting outcomes at specific polling stations. This documentation is indispensable for compiling and verifying results at the constituency level.

Contents: Form 45 includes details like the polling station number, constituency name, the total number of registered voters at that station, the total votes cast, and a comprehensive breakdown of votes garnered by each candidate.

Signatures: Form 45 is signed by the Presiding Officer responsible for overseeing the voting process. Additionally, representatives of candidates present at the polling station also sign the form as witnesses. These signatures are crucial for confirming the accuracy of recorded results.

Transparency and Verification: Form 45 is instrumental in maintaining transparency throughout the voting process. It empowers candidates and their representatives to independently validate results recorded at the polling station and cross-reference them with the final results. This robust verification process minimizes the potential for irregularities or manipulation in election outcomes.

Compilation and Reporting: After polling concludes, the Presiding Officer completes Form 45 and promptly submits it to the Returning Officer overseeing the respective constituency. The Returning Officer’s role is pivotal, as they collect and consolidate Form 45 from all polling stations within the constituency to determine final election results.

Public Accessibility: In a dedicated effort to promote transparency, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) mandates Presiding Officers to prominently display Form 45 outside polling stations for public scrutiny. This transparency measure enables voters, candidates, and their representatives to openly observe, verify, and validate election results, fostering confidence in the electoral process.