Pakistan was overjoyed a few days ago when superstar Mahira Khan and businessmen Salim Karim got married in a gorgeous ceremony held in Bhurban, where only close friends and family of the couple were present. However, as more pictures from the event emerge online, we are bringing forward the big names who attended the gorgeous ceremony.

Pakistani restaurateur and film actor Sikandar Rizvi shared a picture of the wedding today where he posed along with the groom and the rest of the guests. From the picture, we can see Oscar winner Sharmeen Obaid- Chinoy’s husband, Fahd Kamal Chinoy, who is the CEO of Pakistan Cables.

Fashion stylist and blogger Samiya Ansari, who runs the Instagram account swearuponcoco was also among the attendees, as she shared a picture posing with Mahira’s brother, Hissan.


One of Mahira’s closest childhood friends, fashion designer Feeha Noor Jamsheed, posted a screenshot shared by a celebrity account of Mahira’s wedding video where she was seen crying.

Feeha also shared a long note yesterday on how she played a role in creating a match between Mahira and Salim, writing that she had vouched for his character to the actress.

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PPP’s Climate Change Minister Sherry Rehman had also attended the wedding, and shared a picture with the groom with the caption: “Here’s to you both @salimkarim ♥️ and Mahira. Khush raho abaad raho.”

News sources said that celebrities were not present at Mahira and Salim’s wedding, but we have reason to believe director and actor Sarmad Khoosat was among the guests at the wedding, as he is spotted in Samiya Ansari’s Instagram stories, wearing what looks like wedding clothes.