Ever thought about what was the meaning behind names of popular roads like Tariq Road in Karachi or Abdul Rehman Road in Lahore? A Twitter user decided to finally decode the question, posting a Tweet on X (formerly Twitter) asking who were the people after whom these roads were named.

“Anyone ever wonder who the Zenab behind Zenab market, Tariq behind Tariq Road, Hasan behind Hasan Square really are? Who are these people? How did they become so iconic and important to Karachi?”

A user was kind enough to explain Zainab Market’s name, and it turns out because that’s the name of the owner’s daughter.


Soon, people brought up some hilarious road names and attempted to decode what they had really meant. For instance, there’s really a road in Karachi called Anda Mor?

Then there’s another place called Mochi Mor? Kya mochi sirf wahan par baithtay hain?

And Bandar Road doesn’t actually mean Monkey- but it’s the road that leads to the port.

Finally we got an explanation behind Tariq road, it’s named after Tariq bin Ziyad, the Muslim General who led the invasion on Iberia.