Journalist Javed Chaudhry has written an article about his meeting with Former army chief Gen (retd) Qamar Javed Bajwa. In the article he wrote that he met Bajwa on December 22.

Describing how the former head of the military is spending his time after retirement, Chaudhary paints a very vivid description of the house. He said that General Bajwa’s wife has decorated the home with antiques that she had bought on cheap rates. He specifically remarks on the cleanliness of Bajwa’s house, seemingly impressed by it.

We find out that the former COAS and his wife are like ordinary married couples, arguing over the AC thermostat.


Moving on to serious matters, Chaudhary says that General Bajwa considers accepting the extension in his tenure as his biggest mistake and he feels very very sorry for it, but it is true that Imran Khan took this decision without taking him into confidence.

“Woh chai bohot achi peete hain, cup mein cake rusk dabo kar khate hain aur apni iss saadgi ko enjoy karte hain.”

The columnist says that he observed that General Bajwa is aggrieved over the narrative of Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq, the accusations of treason and the narrative of conspiracy. He said that he knows such details about his critics that if he spoke up, they will find nowhere to hide but he does not want to answer them and enjoy retired life with hid twin grandsons.

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