Aamir Liaquat is a public personality known for being in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. The man, nearing his 50s, is revered by one segment of Pakistani society and utterly despised by the other. Liaquat has recently been a hot topic of discussion for his third possible divorce with Dania Malik, who allegedly leaked two videos of Liaquat: one, where he can be seen roaming stark naked around in his room, and another where he is allegedly taking drugs. The two viral videos surfaced days after Aamir’s allegedly underage wife, Dania Shah, claimed that the televangelist takes illegal substances. The recent turn of events has clearly sparked a debate around a society glorifying child-and-adult unions. Dania claims she is 15, and Aamir knew it but still forged documents to get married. There can be no defence for a predatory act that takes advantage of class difference, age gap, and fame to trap a young teenage girl from a small city. Similarly, there can be no defence against revenge porn, even when it is against a person who has repeatedly aggravated public sentiment with impunity while disrespecting the institution of marriage, and religion.


Liaquat has announced to leave Pakistan for good, but what still remains a question is why Liaquat or men like him are given so much limelight or attention. Where are we heading as a society? What examples are we setting for younger boys? We can expect no less in a country where misogyny is peddled as soon as children are born, and underage marriage is glorified as some invaluable social norm. This is the sad reality of Pakistani discourse.

We can only hope that our society learns for the better and rather than giving so much limelight to people who are habitual of committing such acts with no remorse. We need to make people aware of the legal age of marriage, the exploitation of impressionable young girls, of the absence of justice, law, and order, which have led to a glorification of such vile acts of abuse in our society.