India defeated Pakistan by seven wickets in the 12th ICC Cricket World Cup match played on October 14 in Ahmedabad’s Narinder Modi Stadium in India.

The Indian captain Rohit Sharma won the toss and decided to bowl first. Pakistan started collapsing after 155/2 when Babar Azam was bowled out after scoring 50 runs. The remaining eight players returned to the pavilion while adding only 36 runs to the total. Pakistan set a total of 191 runs that India achieved in 30.3 overs while losing only three wickets.

Fans started blaming the whole team and raising questions about Babar Azam’s captaincy, but no one talked about all the other issues that played a major role in this defeat.


1: Lack of psychological training

Pakistan cricket board hired psychologist Maqbool Babri before the Asia Cup 2023 to provide counseling to the Pakistani men’s cricket team. The duty of a sports psychologist is to improve stress management, effective teamwork, visualization, and many other psychological problems that an athlete faces during the game.

First of all, we should ask PCB management what type of psychological training has been provided to our players to play the biggest match of cricket in India, our arch-rival. What type of training do they get to control their stress amidst a hostile crowd of 132,000? They should be asked about what type of training session is given for mental strength and how to use biofeedback and neurofeedback.

2: Lack of bowling variations

Pakistani bowlers were conceiving runs during the power play and also during the middle overs. They were not getting wickets in middle overs. A question should be asked of bowling coaches, whether they are unaware of Indian conditions which are similar to Pakistani conditions? Why were our bowlers unable to introduce more variations when the same is being done by their Indian counterparts?

3: Defensive approach in batting

ODI (One Day International) cricket is not a game of 250 or 260 runs anymore, now every team aims to score 300+ runs from the very beginning. Other teams have attacking opening pairs that score 60+ runs in power play and give very good momentum to the middle order. If we look at our openers they play defensively from the start of the match and due to their defensive batting style, get out early and leave the load on the middle order. Openers should have an attacking mindset and put pressure on the opponent’s bowlers.

4: Zero support in the stadium

Pakistan cricket team was playing with almost zero support from fans in the stadium because India had not issued any visa for Pakistan spectators.

5: Chanting and booing by Indian fans

Indian fans started booing at the start of the match when Pakistan captain Babar Azam came out for the toss.

After this incident, Indian spectators started chanting “Hum tumhary baap hein” during the match when Babar Azam was batting.

Another incident occurred when Muhammad Rizwan was returning to the pavilion and Indian spectators started chanting “Jai Shree Ram”.

Remember that before this match Pakistan’s team received support from fans in Hyderabad. Pakistani cricketers also shared on social media that Heydrabad’s people were loving and amazing hosts.

6: Harassing Pakistan player Muhammad Rizwan

Indian lawyer Vineet Jindal, who has filed a complaint against Pakistani cricket presenter Zainab Abbas for old tweets, has now filed a complaint to the ICC (Internation Cricket Council) against Pakistan wicket-keeper batsman Muhammad Rizwan for his tweet in support of Palestinians and praying in the stadium.