The initial investigation of police revealed that the wife of a secretary of the Sindh Bar Council plotted the murder of her husband, Irfan Ali Mahar, who was assassinated by unknown assailants earlier this month in Karachi. She was frustrated by the domestic abuse she was facing when she asked her brother to assist her in the murder.

On December 1, Mahar left his house to drop off his daughter at school. He was driving near Chappal Plaza in Block 13 of Gulistan-i- Jauhar when two armed men on a motorcycle opened fire and shot him multiple times.

The acting police chief of Karachi and Counter-Terrorism Department officials held a press conference on Sunday to reveal the initial findings of the case.


Acting Karachi police chief, Ghulam Nabi Memon said in the press conference that prime suspects including accomplices who assisted them have been arrested, one of them is the brother-in-law of the deceased.

Memon further added that Mahar’s wife planned to assassinate her husband with the help of her sister and brother as she was infuriated, due to quarrels and property disputes between them.

Mahar’s wife persuaded her brother to kill his brother-in-law and gave him Rs 220,000 on different occasions. Later her brother asked his friend, Wajid Jakhro to assist him in murdering his brother-in-law, Mahar.

Memon revealed that Mahar’s wife gave the information to her brother on the mobile phone regarding Mahar leaving the residence for dropping off his daughter at school on December 1. The suspect chased him and killed Mahar at the spot when he was coming back to the house after dropping off his daughter at school.

The police claimed that they recovered the murder weapon, motorbike, helmet along Call Data Record (CDR) of the suspects.

The motorcycle was ridden by Jakhro while Mahar’s brother-in-law opened fire on Mahar leaving him to die at the spot. They have no affiliation with any political party, the acting police chief said.

The representatives of Sindh Bar Council who were in the press conference were satisfied with the ongoing investigation.