Zareen Umer, the wife of legendary comedian and actor, Umer Sharif, penned a heartfelt note about the “change” in her life after the demise of her husband.

She said that it has been 40 days since she has cooked because she used to cook only for Umer Sharif.

Zareen added that she has no life after her husband’s death, saying, “Now the TV in the bedroom doesn’t turn on in the morning. Now no one sits on your (Umer Sharif) chair. Some of your things are kept on it. Everything has changed.”



Death is inevitable, but she said that she will not spare people responsible for Umer Sharif’s death, adding that she won’t forgive those who made Sharif cry.

Pakistan’s ‘king of comedy’ died at the age of 66 in Germany.

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Sharif, who was battling cardiac ailments, was flown out of Pakistan on an air ambulance on September 28 for surgery in the United States.

However, he was admitted to a hospital in Germany during a stopover as his condition deteriorated.