A 22-year-old Iranian woman breathed her last on Friday, days after being arrested by a police unit responsible for forcing Iran’s strict dress code for women. She was arrested for not complying with hijab rules.

According to eyewitnesses, Mahsa Amini was beaten while inside a police van when she was picked up in Tehran on Tuesday.
Photographs of the Mahsha lying in a hospital bed have gone viral, showing the young woman in a coma with her head wrapped in bandages and breathing through tubes.

Police Claim:

Police have denied the allegations of beating her to death saying Ms Amini had “suddenly suffered a heart problem”.
However her father has denied the claims made by police. “Authorities have said my daughter suffered from chronic medical conditions. I personally deny such claims as my daughter was fit and had no health problems,” Amini’s father told pro-reform Emtedad news website on Sunday.



MahsaAmini became one of the top hashtags on Persian-language Twitter on Sunday as Iranians fumed over the death of Amini. The hashtag had gained 1.63 million mentions on Twitter by Sunday afternoon.


As enraged citizens took to the streets to protest, at least 30 persons were injured. People are protesting against strict Iranian hijab laws and against the existence of “guidance patrol.”