As videos and pictures show the awful impact of Israeli airstrikes over Gaza, where the death toll is set to cross 7000, an awful trend of Israeli TikTok users mocking these war crimes has emerged online.

An Israeli TikTok user danarazmakeup is going viral on social media after her recent video showed her mocking the Palestinians for lack of access to clean water, electricity and air conditioning. In the video, she is running around using the applicants in her home while looking at the audience in a mocking manner.

Twitter user Hadi Nasrullah shared this clip with the caption: “Disgusting. More and more Israeli influencers and content creators are participating in trends mocking Palestinians in Gaza for not having water or electricity. And you want us to feel sorry for them.”


Several X (formerly Twitter) users criticised the Israeli TikToker by calling her “worse than Nazi’s”.

Other videos included parents along with their children, mocking Palestinians by applauding their lack of electricity, and even comparing them to dogs.

An Arab TikTok user Yeganeh shared a series of clips posted by Israeli users who were mocking Palestinians trauma. .

In the comments section, several users urged everyone to public the names of these TikTok accounts so they could be reported.