Aamir Liaquat left the internet in fits with his recent shenanigans during his Ramzan transmission. Liaquat’s ‘naagin dance’, in particular, has gone viral.

Yasir Hussain, who recently appeared on Liaquat’s show, recreated the naagin pose with the politician and shared pictures of it on social media.

“Entertainer of The Decade,” said Hussain, praising Liaquat. “Aap k Nagin dance ne bohot hansaya. Aur yehi such hai. Keep entertaining us.



On Monday, Aamir became a centre of attention on social media platforms for the second time this week with his stunning performance on naagin music during his show Jeeway Pakistan.

While shaking his leg to the beat, the most hilarious moment came when he stretched on the floor and displayed his naagin dance skills.

The video had gone viral on social media users with some enjoying it and others criticising him.

Earlier, Liaquat had invited a Pakistani star Naseem Hameed on his show. The host challenged Hameed, who had won a gold medal at the South Asian Federation Games in 2010 for a 20-meter race on stage.

In an unexpected turn of events, the race did not end well and Liaquat took a slight fall on the floor.

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Meanwhile, Aamir later promised on his show that he will never dance to this music again.