Aamir Liaquat is no stranger to controversy. Ever since he married his second wife, Tuba Aamir, his private life has also come to the forefront and his daughter, Duaa Aamir, often takes to social media to lash out on her father and his new wife.

Aamir and Tuba, who recently concluded their Ramazan show on PTV, are currently in Saudi Arabia for Umrah and have been sharing moments from their trip on social media. In response to these updates, Duaa wrote on Twitter:

While Aamir did not directly respond to his daughter, he threw shade at her by retweeting a tweet which said that the stupidest people are those who share their family problems online for attention. Tuba also shared the same tweet.


He then went onto retweet another tweet which had the same context.

Tuba also followed the same path as her husband by subtly calling out Duaa for her tweet.

She then went onto tweet a verse from the Quran.

Aamir then decided to thank Tuba for “understanding”, though we’re not sure about what.

In response to Aamir and Tuba’s tweets, Duaa shared a song from Disney’s Aladdin hinting that no matter what, she will not keep quiet.

In midst of all this drama, Aamir son, Ahmed got into an accident which resulted in major loss of blood. Thankfully, the situation is under control and Ahmed is on the road to recovery.