With advancements in technology, the problems faced by the new generation are also increasing. A recent study published in a journal, Human Behavior and Emerging Technologies, showed that younger parents are having trouble handling screen time of their children.

In a research conducted by a team at Edith Cowan University, most millennial parents admitted that their children use mobile phones a lot, which is leading to conflicts within family.

The findings from the study suggest that smartphone usage has become one of the prominent causes of arguments within families. A total of 281 Australian parents took part in the survey, 75 per cent of them reported that extra use of smartphones is causing conflicts and family disagreements.



Parents also reported that their children are more inclined towards gaming and are experiencing sleep problems because of extra screen time than usual.

The study concluded that parents should be educated on how to control the influence of mobile media on their children.

Additionally, researchers believe that a major cause was the lack of standard guidelines for parents. One in three never searched for any official guidelines on digital media use by children.