The season of audio leaks never really ends in Pakistan. On Monday, December 19, a recording of former Prime Minister Imran Khan allegedly indulging in a graphic conversation of a sexual nature surfaced on social media.

Khan can be allegedly heard talking to an unidentified woman on the phone call. The brief recording sent Twitterati into a frenzy, spurring a flurry of responses. While many questioned if the audio was fake, others were of the opinion that no one’s privacy could be breached in this manner.

Here are some of the reactions:


Maheen Ghani tweeted, “Political differences aside. I stand by IK on this. It’s a despicable invasion of privacy, unwarranted and highly condemnable.”

A female Twitter user was of the view that audio leaks were a grand corruption of the society and our political system.

Another twitter user said that she always hated Imran Khan but she condemns the violation of his privacy.

One Tweet said that he prays that the audio is fake and that if in any way it is true then the youth of the country should learn from such incidents.