Two days ago, a tweet criticizing a photographer for photographing a wedding shoot on the grounds of King Edward Medical College went viral on the bird app. The tweep shared a clip of Instagram photographer @naumanclicks showing the couple walking around campus. He shared in a post that students weren’t allowed to roam around grounds or visit the library after 5 pm, terming it unfair that these liberites are granted to outsiders

In the next tweet, the user continued to criticize the wedding industry for reducing the value and sanctity of historical buildings, as well as the contributions to medical history that colleges like King Edward and Punjab University had provided to Pakistan.

The post ended with the user sharing an update of a letter that notified students about King Edward administration being aware of the video of the wedding photoshoot, stating that a committee would look into the incident.


However, social media users were quick to jump in, defending the photographer and the married couple, by pointing out that the blame should entirely fall on the administration for permitting the photo shoot.

Others had pointed out that university grounds were regularly used for filming movies or wedding photo shoots, and rather than criticizing the couple, the user should have expressed criticism towards the institution for barring students from going out after 5 pm.

So I think that the lesson we can take from this is to live and let live? Let’s not be selfish and gate keep people from celebrating a happy moment in their lives.