Aamir Liaquat finds ways to make it to the headlines one way or another. And this time he wants credit for PTV’s revival.

Recently PTI Senator Faisal Javed Khan tweeted that PTV is “on its way to revival” and is making profits.

Aamir, who hosted a Ramazan transmission on the state-owned channel, replied to Faisal’s tweet asking him to give him some credit for playing a role in PTV’s revival.


While Faisal himself did not respond to Aamir’s tweet, some Twitter users took notice of Aamir’s tweet and decided to troll him.

An anonymous Twitter user who goes by Baaji Please commented that self-praise is for losers to which Aamir replied that he’s not self-praising before asking Baaji not to hate on him.

Baaji responded to Aamir saying she doesn’t like the fact that he’s begging for recognition.

Dr Farhan Virk, who likes to insert himself in all situations, came to Aamir’s defense saying that Baaji is jealous of Aamir’s success. He said that Aamir single-handedly made PTV profitable by giving it time and effort without any greed.

Baaji then asked Farhan if he’s implying that Aamir didn’t charge for the PTV transmission to which Aamir replied that he took “aatay main namak kay barabar paisay.”

The arguments between the three continued and Aamir asserted that he did the Ramazan show on PM Imran Khan’s insistence and that the PM knows about his sacrifices for his country. Frankly speaking, the rest of the tweets were boring and unnecessary.