The beloved reality television show ‘Tamasha Ghar’ ended on Sunday with contestant Aruba Mirza declared as the winner of the second season. Social media users are still criticising the way several well-deserved constants like actress Natasha Ali, model Zainab Raza or Neha Khan were removed. Many of these comments have targeted the host,’Badshah Salamat’ actor Adnan Siddiqui, who has now addressed them with a long note on Instagram.

Posting a picture with the actor sitting on a throne chair during the finale, the ‘Mom’ actor wrote: “‘Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.’ Shakespeare’s King Henry IV poetically agonised how those in the seat of power are beset with restlessness and worry. The burden of responsibilities never ceases to lessen for them. From the vantage point of Badshah Salamat for Tamasha the second time round, I can see why the throne is a two-edged sword. It gets you power to take decisions but not without constant accountability. You aren’t allowed to slip, you can’t falter and you definitely cannot let your prejudices creep in.”

The ‘Maat’ actor went on share that the job as a host of a reality show is not easy, with the scrutinising gaze of millions of viewers judging every decision you make: “While you are judging the housemates, you too are under scrutiny by them and by the millions who are watching you on the screen analysing your every move. Every decision that you take brings you bouquets or brickbats and sometimes both. How demanding it is to maintain a balanced approach? I’d say yes.”


“Reality shows expose human beings at one of their most base levels,” continued the ‘Meray Pass Tum Ho’ actor. “When people are thrown together with strangers in a closed, hostile environment which is also competitive, your most basic instinct, that’s survival, is activated. There’s no loved one around to confide in, friendships are transactional, affection is a rare commodity and to top it all, they are always striving to outdo their fellow mates wittingly or unwittingly. For two years in a row, I have seen human emotions as raw as they could be inside Tamasha Ghar. And believe me, it takes immense mental strength to live under the glare of camera 24 hours for weeks together.”

Ending the note, the actor requested fans to stop assuming they’re much better judges than he is, and to hold back on the criticism.

“I have often been criticised for being biased by fans and supporters of the contestants. My comment section and DMs is their favourite playground these days. They not only feel short-changed sometimes but also are supremely confident that they would done a more objective, more fair job. I read the feedback, amused by the simplistic view the audiences offer. And I again go back to King Henry IV.”

Adnan also added a cryptic note addressing the critics on his Instagram stories, with the caption: “There are many people out here who would be in great shape if they ran as much as their mouth does.”

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