A picture of two crocodiles covered in paan and gutka published in The News serves as a reminder how poorly we treat animals in Pakistan.

Journalist Zia Ur Rehman tweeted the picture published in the paper with the caption: “A sorry sight: crocodiles soak up the sun at the Karachi Zoo after paan and gutka-using visitors spat on them, leaving their bodies with blood-red spots.”

Senator and PPP leader Sherry Rehman also commented that she was “shamed to see this.”


Journalists Sanam Maher and Amber Shamsi also expressed their outrage on Twitter.


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Animal cruelty is not new in Pakistan. Torturing animals in zoos and otherwise under the disguise of fun is unfortunately also a common practise in the country.

Last year, activist and lawyer Jibran Nasir tweeted pictures of a boy who used to post videos on social media while torturing kittens.