‘It must be exhausting always rooting for the Anti Hero’? Not for Taylor Swift it seems so.

Taylor Swift has garnered backlash from fans because of the singer’s silence on the ongoing genocide of Gaza, and several videos showed Israeli fans dancing to the screening of ‘Eras tour’ movie. Now, fans are outraged after the singer who wrote ‘Mad Woman’ was spotted laughing along side the younger brother of NFL player Patrick Mahomes, Jackson Mahomes, who is accused of sexual assault.

A twitter thread by a Swiftie, detailing the charges filed against Jackson, who was seen in a video grabbing a woman and forcibly kissing her, is going viral. Jackson was arrested and charged with three counts of sexual battery and misdemeanour. But he was released on $100,000 bail.


The thread further revealed reports that alleged Jackson had tried to bribe the victim to force her to withdraw the case, which had attracted further outrage.

Taylor Swift attended a football game where her boyfriend Travis Kelce was playing, and several videos showed her high fiving Jackson, attracting intense backlash. Many criticised the singer as a hypocrite, for speaking up against sexual assault and rape but refusing to defend others who do the same thing.

Swifties were also taken aback when Taylor’s best friend and wife to Patrick, Brittany Mahomes, defended her brother-in-law in an Instagram story by writing “He’s just a human trying to live his own life”, when a fan asked her about the sexual assault allegations.

Many slammed Taylor Swift for failing to live up to her political beliefs and the feminist stance she had reaffirmed with songs like ‘Dear John’, ‘All Too Well’ or ‘Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve’ where Taylor has publicly discussed surviving abusive relationships and sexual harassment.

Others were shocked that Taylor continued to remain silent about her friendship with Brittany Mahomes, when she was named as Time Magazine’s Silence Breakers in the 2017 issue, when the singer had gone to court after her abuser sued her.

The Boycott, Divest Sanctions Movement (BDS) also called out Taylor Swift and Beyonce for allowing their films to play in an apartheid state where the genocide of Gaza is still going on. On their official Instagram account, the movement acknowledged that the two singers had refused multiple offers to play in Israel, but urged them to pull their films and music from playing in the country.