The Federal Ombudsman’s nationwide public awareness campaign aimed at educating the wider populace and relevant groups about the skills and methods needed to combat cybercrime against children is now in full swing.

On Sunday, a representative for the Federal Ombudsman Office said that as part of the program, state-run broadcasting stations broadcast informational messages and programmes about the prevention and control of cyber-crime against children in Urdu and regional languages.

The strategic goal of the awareness campaign, according to Commissioner for Children Syeda Viqar un Nisa Hashmi, is to raise public awareness about the effects of cyber-crime abuse and exploitation of minors, as well as to educate children so that they could protect themselves from such situations.


He went on to say that politicians were encouraged to bring legal amendments to the issue as part of the protection drive. The FIA Cyber Crime Cell is also conducting operations to apprehend the remaining suspects. 

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Earlier, the Federal Investigation Agency’s Cyber Crime Cell also nabbed a gang in Lahore that was allegedly making money from the dark web through juvenile crime.