Bilal Maqsood of Strings has said that if he was the prime minister of Pakistan, he would make Fawad Chaudhry the head of Ruet e Hilal Committee.

In a Q&A session with his fans on Instagram, when a user asked Bilal what he would do if he was to become PM, the singer responded: “I will make Fawad Chaudhry the head of Ruet e Hilal Committee.”

Ruet-e-Hilal Committee of Pakistan is the department that announces the sighting of the new moon. It is currently headed by Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman and assisted by 150 observatories of the Pakistan Meteorological Department and many religious scholars of different sects.


On the other hand, Chaudhry who is the Minister for Science and Technology recently launched Pakistan’s first official Moon-sighting website and Hijri Calendar. He also said: “In my opinion, Ruet-Hilal Committee is no longer required (for moon-sighting).” 

The minister faced a lot of criticism from religious circles and both Chaudhry and Mufti Munib ur Rehman are often involved in a banter whenever it comes to the announcement of Eid.