The Lahore Traffic Police have declared a crackdown on transport company owners who overcharge and overload passengers during the Eid holidays.

According to Lahore’s Chief Traffic Officer (CTO), Muntazir Mehdi, thousands of people depart for their hometowns to celebrate Eid with their loved ones. It’s terrible that dishonest transportation owners take advantage of them, he says. Mehdi stated that police had developed a thorough plan to combat exploitation this year. He announced the deployment of at least 84 wardens at Lorry Adda, Badamibagh, Babu Sabu, Niazi Chowk, Thokar Niaz Beg, Shahdara Chowk, Begum Kot Chowk, Gajjumatta, and other key bus stations.

The traffic police have also issued orders to transportation companies to display fare information prominently on their vehicles. Those who charge high rates to commuters deserve no concessions, according to the CTO, who directed all circle officers to speak with transporter owners in their respective zones. He announced the impoundment of vehicles found overcharging or overloading.


Police is taking precautions against overcrowding to ensure safe travelling, according to Mehdi, who also stated that additional police officers have been stationed at the city’s entry and exit points. He asked people to phone Police Helpline 15 if they needed assistance or had a complaint. He also stated that people who overload their buses will face consequences.

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The CTO stated that transportation owners and drivers are required to charge a fixed rate and display a fare list prominently on the vehicle. According to Mehdi, automobiles should be seized if their owners are proven to be overcharging and overloading. Traffic teams have been dispatched to ten locations to investigate overcharging and overloading.