On April 27, special teams led by the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration issued fines of up to Rs40,000 to shop owners for overcharging consumers.

During surprise raids conducted by magistrates and assistant commissioners, shops from several marketplaces were penalised, according to an ICT administration spokesperson.

Irfan Memon, the Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad, said the administration was enforcing strict adherence to the rate list of food goods in marketplaces during Ramadan in order to prevent profiteering.


He stated that strict action was being taken against racketeers in the federal capital and that violators were being fined heavily on the spot for overbilling. During the holy month, he claimed, daily price-checking would continue unabated.

After investigating 628 shops across the city, officials sealed five shops and arrested 12 vendors, according to details.

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The AC secretariat inspected dairy, poultry, and milk shops, as well as general stores, bakeries, and fruit and vegetable shops, for quality, general hygiene, expired products, and compliance with notified pricing and the exhibition of the DC rate list of necessary commodities.

Three merchants were detained for refusing to exhibit the rate list and overcharging, while others who broke the law were fined and warned.