Comedian Sarah Silverman drew the ire of the internet in October after she reshared a post slamming criticism of Israel cutting off Gaza’s water supply. She later deleted the post, claiming to be “stoned” when she reshared it on her Instagram account.

On November 6, it was announced that Silverman is set to return from Monday as the new host of The Daily Show, replacing Hasan Minhaj. The announcement came on the heels of Minhaj being removed from hosting due to a misleading New Yorker article controversy. The article accused Minhaj of fabricating stories about racism. The comedian then posted a 30 minute long video sharing evidence of how the journalist writing the piece refused to use evidence provided by Minhaj to discredit him.

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Twitter users were appalled at the racism in American media that allows a brown Muslim comedian to be booted without any further thought due to a misleading, poorly fact-checked article, but a racist woman is offered a platform without consequence. As one user wrote:

“Hasan Minhaj loses the daily show gig due to an inaccurate hit piece that mostly confirmed that he, like EVERY comedian, embellished stories for his stand-up. Sarah Silverman posted her support for the collective punishment of Gazans and gets to host. Islamophobia is reality.”

Countless journalists and public figures were attacked and removed from their offices, many of whom were Jewish and Palestine supporters. But Twitter users were outraged at how racist women like Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman were granted platforms.

Users called for the show to be boycotted.

Many also brought up Silverman’s history of racism including wearing the blackface and imitating a black man for a skit.