Fashion designer Hussain Rehar has responded to allegations of plagiarism by Instagram art page Kook Studio, who alleged that the fashion designer stole their art pieces without giving credit. In a lengthy Instagram statement, the fashion designer wrote that his recent collection ‘Jugnu’ did not draw inspiration from any specific individual’s work.

“Jugnu, a project in the making for over a year, derives its inspirations from traditional African embroidery designs. While there may be similarities in using the same monochrome palette, these elements are commonly found in various art forms across cultures. In an effort to maintain transparency, we are sharing all relevant images and references.”

Hussain further wrote that his fashion brand was dedicated to “upholding the principles of artistic expression, cultural appreciation and ethical design practices. We hold the artistic community in high regard and are committed to resolving any misunderstandings in a respectful manner. We encourage open dialogue and look forward to ensuring that our shared passion for creativity continues to thrive.”


Rehar then shared screenshots of his designs along with the pieces that he had used for inspiration.

Addressing the backlash after the accusations went viral, Rehar wrote that it had taken a toll on his reputation as well as his mental health.

“I urge everyone to pause and consider the consequences of reacting to a one-sided story. These comments and criticisms have a real impact on an individual’s life and mental health. I hope we can all strive for a more compassionate and empathetic online environment.”

An online art store named Kook Studio has accused fashion designer Hussain Rehar of plagiarising their artwork.

In a video shared by the account, the fashion designer requested the artist to collaborate on a fashion shoot.

The next few screenshots have suggested that Hussain and the artist had met up to discuss the collaboration, but the fashion designer backed out after finding the artist’s fee too high.

Then three months later, the designer allegedly plagiarised the same designs he referenced to the artist during their meeting.

A Twitter user shared the video clip on their account, slamming the way big artists plagarise smaller designers.

The video has gained traction and many users are expressing solidarity with the artist behind Kook Studio.

A user wrote: “these big “designers” will suck out the blood of smaller designers by stealing or exploiting their craft. its almost impossible to rise as a designer until or unless you have the tag of a foreign brand with you. get outta this country asap.”

“fffs man top rated designer stealing work of small artists? who are already under paid? is how the dumbing down of a society begins” another user wrote.

The Current has reached out to Hussain Rehar for a statement and will update the article as soon as we receive it.