Dubai Police have arrested a man for an ‘ indecent’ dance in a Dubai Metro train without wearing a mask.

A video doing the rounds on social media show a man dancing on a Bollywood song, ‘Laal Ghagra’, without a mask while the passengers film him.

Director of Transportation Security Department at Dubai Police, Obaid Al Hathboor,  said that the man caused inconvenience  to other passengers as well as broke the Covid-19 rules. “A video for an Asian man circulated on social media while he was performing indecent acts inside a train. He caused disturbance to others without respecting their privacy,” said the official.


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“He was additionally arrested for not wearing a mask inside the train while all commuters around him were wearing masks and following precautionary measures,” he added.

According to Article 358 of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) penal code, the suspect will face a jail term of six months and/or a fine of Dh5,000 for violating public morals and creating a ruckus.