Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed has revealed during a political talk show that he was asked to refute his statement that Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan is backed by the establishment.

Last week during a press conference, while taking a jibe at the Opposition, Rasheed said, “They [Opposition] want that the hand [protecting] Imran Khan should be on their head as well,” adding, ” this hand can be on their [Opposition] neck but never on their head.

Rasheed’s words were indirectly hinting at the establishment.


Speaking during Geo News programme, Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Sath’, Rasheed said, “I was asked to take back my statement on Imran Khan [where I had said that the hand protecting Imran Khan can be on Opposition’s neck but never in their support] but I will not take it back.”

Anchorperson Shahzeb Khanzada repeating Rasheed’s statement said, “Your words are being quoted a lot. Your statement has gone to such an extent that people are saying that Director-General (DG) Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) should give a clarification in this regard.”

Khanzada continued by saying, ” You say that they [Opposition] have been produced through gate number four [referrring to General Head Quarters (GHQ)] and now you say that the establishment supports Imran Khan.”

“Establishment and Imran Khan are on the same page, you fools, minor issues do erupt, little music is being played. Just because one is singing the song doesn’t mean everything is going to shambles,” said Rasheed.

Khanzada further asked Rasheed how does the government plan on going to it’s supporters knowing that the people will know that the establishment is backing PM Khan. To this Rasheed said that he needed time till April to get back and answer this.