Three years ago, a song on Ramazan ‘Ramazan Aaya Roza Rakho Ji’ went viral on social media. The kid behind the track became an overnight sensation as the song and its video went viral.

The song, sung by Rais Anis Sabri, gained popularity for its distinctive beat, an iconic video, and the kid’s unbeatable expressions.

The kid is once again doing rounds on social media but this time for a different reason. His fans found out where is he now and surely he is now all grown up and almost unrecognisable.


Sabri has four thousand followers on Instagram and he keeps updating his fans about his activities. Hailing from, Jalalabad, Uttar Pradesh in India, the singer has met the likes of Bollywood music icons like AR Rahman and Kailash Kher.

Rais Anis Sabri got fame with several of his qawwalis and the 26-year-old has also won several awards.