Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and former president Asif Ali Zardari’s eldest daughter Bakhtawar Bhutto-Zardari is all set to get engaged at the end of the month. A formal announcement was made last week and given that Bakhtawar’s groom is not a public figure there was little known about him. As a result, all sorts of speculations started doing the rounds on social media with people sharing unverified stories and reports about the groom-to-be.

In a bid to put to rest all rumours, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) released an official statement in which they shared all the required information about Bakhtawar’s husband-to-be Mahmood Choudhry.

According to the statement, “Mahmood Choudhry is the son of Mohammad Younas and Begum Suraiya Choudhry who hail from the old town of Lahore. Mr Younas migrated to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 1973 where he established businesses in the construction and transport industry.”


“Mahmood, the last born of five siblings was born on July 28, 1988, in the city of Abu Dhabi. He completed his primary schooling in Abu Dhabi and secondary schooling in the United Kingdom. Mahmood further went on to read Law at the University of Durham.”

“The family’s primary country of residence remains the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where Mahmood continues to run his businesses in construction, finance and tech,” added the statement.

Meanwhile, thanking everyone for their good wishes, Bakhtawar said that the cards were leaked “before they were even scheduled to be officially sent”.

“Have absolutely NO affiliation with any family in the US which is being popularly quoted by most media,” added Bakhtawar.

Bakhtawar and Mahmood will be getting engaged on November 27 at Bilawal House in Karachi. All guests attending the ceremony have been requested to get tested for COVID-19 and send the results via e-mail.

“All attendees are requested to please email a scanned copy of their negative COVID-19 PCR test result 24 hours prior to attendance. This is a mandatory requirement for security clearance,” the invitation reads.

The guests have also been asked not to bring mobile phones with them due to security purposes.

“Please note — no photography or mobile phones will be permitted inside the venue and photographs will be available for all guests through our official photographer.”

“We thank you in advance for adhering to our safety protocols to keep you and your loved ones safe, and enable us all to enjoy the occasion,” it added.

The couple will reportedly tie the knot in January 2021 in Karachi.