Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY), in a recent interview with The Current, agreed that recent fashion weeks have lost their charm.

Responding to a question on if he thinks fashion weeks have lost their charm, HSY said: “I do. Fashion weeks have lost their charm because everyone looks alike now. All shows are sticking to the same formula now.”

“I think all shows should have a different identity because two shows with similar choreography, background and format would leave people bored,” he continued.


“The spice in fashion is diversity,” added the designer.

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When asked which fashion statement he thinks need to be thrown out of the window, HSY said: “A fashion statement is your self-reflection. If I tell you to throw something out of the window, then that’s not your self-reflection. I don’t believe in trends, trends are what you like.”

“If you think a statement is good for you, do it,” he added.

Later, while responding to a question on if the fashion industry is a toxic place, HSY said: “I’ve heard that working at a grocery store is also very toxic. I’ve heard that a fight between your aunts at home is also very toxic. I’ve heard that if two people get into a fight while changing a car’s tyres at a workshop, even that is very toxic.”

“Toxicity is where you find it,” said the designer. “And peace is where you find it. If you find peace in where you are, it’s not [toxic].”

“I think people should talk less and work more,” he added.

Meanwhile, HSY also shared that he does not tire of dressing Reema because “she is not only beautiful but she is also very appreciative”.

HSY, during the interview, also gave a tour of his new studio in Lahore, shared details of his fan moment with Tom Cruise, and opened up on how he deals with controversies when people pass unwarranted statements during his talk shows.

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