Former Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir slammed Pakistan’s poor fielding and spin bowling after continued defeats in the World Cup.

In a recent interview with the Indian media, Gautam Gambhir said, “We have discussed it in the Asia Cup as well. A team in bowling and batting can have a bad day but it can’t have a bad day in fielding. Pakistan team’s poor fielding has continued since the Asia Cup, which has not improved till now. I believe that Pakistan is a mediocre fielding team in this World Cup.”

“The second problem with Pakistan is their spin bowling. In the match against Afghanistan, Pakistan had a wicket where there was no dew and they also had spinners, but none of the three spinners could NOT take wickets,” added Gambhir.


Gautam Gambhir said that cricket has become very modern now. “Cricket is not like back it was in 1990 or 2011 where you score 270 or 280 runs and think your bowling will defend it. Teams will have to play attacking cricket.”