Your friend’s wedding is coming up or you are going to attend some official dinner or meeting, most of the men would choose to wear a smart classy suit. You may think you look like a Hollywood star in your suit, but chances are you’ve made one of these four common mistakes.

Off-the-rack suits

Suits are meant to be custom-made. They should never be purchased off the rack. No matter how perfectly an off-the-rack suit fits you, it will still have its flaws. Attention to detail is very important. If you are getting a suit tailor-stitched, make sure that you ask him to keep the following just right:

Sleeves: When it comes to sleeves, you should be able to see anything from a quarter to an inch of your shirtsleeve under the jacket.


Pants: It is very important to get your trousers altered just right to hit your ankles to flatter the sockless look.

Wearing belts with suits

Belts were never meant to be worn with a suit. Belt hoops were later added on when off-the-rack suits started to hit it off. Your pants are meant to be stitched and tailored according to your measurements. If you still need help holding them up, then you can go for side tab adjusters or suspender buttons on the inside.

The second button should be undone

 The second button on your suit should always remain undone. Only the top button in your suit is fastened while standing, it cuts a smoother shape and shows that you pay attention to detail. Not only that, fastening the bottom button will add an extra five kilograms to your hips as an illusion.

Avoid too many accessories

The idea of getting dressed up is to look as elegant without adding anything extra like tie pins, broaches, bracelets or even rings. They completely depreciate the focus from the suit itself. Hence, keep accessories minimum. You can wear a tie and pocket square, which complements the suit and enhances your overall look.