An inquiry committee has gathered testimony from at least 10 victims during its investigation into the alleged existence of an organised gang that reportedly forced nurses and other staff members at the Sheikh Zayed Hospital in Quetta into prostitution, SAMAA has reported.

Atiq Ullah Khan, the additional secretary for health in Balochistan, stated that some women had offered to testify over the phone in order to safeguard their identities and to share their experiences with the vicious cycle that was being controlled by a strong group.

Atiq said that he was taking the situation very seriously and that he had visited the hospital to reassure the employees that action would be taken against the offenders.



He claimed that girls who complied with the gang’s demands while retaining their control were believed to receive unusual privileges from the group which is accused of running the hospital’s prostitution network. Those who disobeyed were subject to the gang’s wrath in one way or another.

“We have submitted the initial report to the secretary health with several recommendations,” he stated.