It looks like aside from singing, Hasan Raheem has superior reading taste which got approval from an Indian author herself!
Shrayana Bhattacharya, the author of “Desperately Seeking Shah Rukh Khan”, tweeted a few days ago about her fondness for singer Hasan Raheem and his song Peanut Butter. She also hoped that he would perform at a concert in India some day.

“Never thought I’d be listening to a song titled “Peanut Butter” on loop. But here we are. After an accident on the internet introduced me to the musical smarts of @hasanraheeem , I’ll hope he’ll be in concert in India someday. #peechayhutt

Yesterday, Bhattacharya tweeted a picture of Raheem holding up her book, and wrote about how much this had moved her.


“Amidst many reasons offered by the news cycle and social media to frown, this photo moved me so very much. When #DesperatelySeekingShahRukh reached the amazing artist @hasanraheeem.”

On her Instagram stories, the author also shared the special note she had sent to Raheem:

“Your music has helped me write and has been the soundtrack to my life recently. So much admiration. Hope you will perform in India soon.”

Raheem later sent Shrayana a message, thanking her for the wholesome gift and promised that he would definitely perform in India some day!

“Just got the book Shrayana, this meant a lot me. The heartwarming note that you left moved me completely. Hoping I come to India to perform for you and all my people there. Have a blessed life and meri dua hai upar wala apki har takleef door karay”


Seriously who is cutting onions here?

Social media users are also moved by this exchange, and witnessing their two kings in the same picture