Heath Streak heard about reports of his death at his home in Zimbabwe. These rumours quickly spread, leading to global tributes. However, Streak clarified to Sportstar that he’s actually in “good health, recovering from cancer.” He expressed disappointment at the careless spread of such rumours, emphasising his ongoing recovery from cancer.

Earlier, Henry Olonga, a former colleague, wrongly announced Streak’s death on social media. Since Streak lacks a social media account and has been battling colon cancer since May, he couldn’t counter the false news. 


Streak mentioned that he is recuperating from cancer, acknowledging some strain due to treatment but overall feeling fine. He clarified that, despite the social media reports, he is very much alive and on the path to recovery.

Later, Olonga retracted his statement and apologised for the earlier post. A renowned figure in Zimbabwe cricket, Streak was banned by the ICC in 2021 for breaching the anti-corruption code in 2018. Streak achieved 216 Test and 239 ODI wickets. Following his international cricket career, he coached various international teams, including Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, and IPL teams like the Kolkata Knight Riders and the now-defunct Rajkot franchise.

Streak’s cricketing achievements include being the first Zimbabwe player to secure 100 wickets in Tests and ODIs. He’s the sole cricketer from Zimbabwe to achieve the 100 Test wickets and 1,000 Test runs milestone, as well as amassing 2,000 runs and taking 200 wickets in ODIs. 

Streak debuted in Test and ODI formats in 1993 and became the team’s captain during the 1999–2000 season.