In a theft of an unusually big scale, thieves have managed to steal CA $20 million (USD $15m) worth of gold from a cargo terminal at Toronto’s main international airport on Monday.

This is the biggest gold heist since July 2019, when a theft of $30 million occurred at an airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil. According to Inspector Stephen Duivesteyn, the container carrying the gold arrived on a flight on Monday evening, but he did not disclose its origin.
The cargo of the plane carrying the gold, was transferred to a holding facility. However, according to Inspector Duivesteyn, the container carrying the gold was unlawfully taken and reported as missing right after the unloading process.

“An aircraft arrived here at the airport in the early evening. As per normal procedure, the aircraft was unloaded and cargo was transported from the aircraft to a holding cargo facility,” he said.


It is uncertain whether the stolen gold is still within the country’s borders. According to The Ottawa Sun, the gold may have been transported from a mine in Northern Ontario to Toronto on behalf of one of the banks. The authorities have not confirmed whether the perpetrators were professional criminals or not, but the investigation is continuing.

The Toronto Sun claimed that organized criminal gangs are suspected of being responsible for the heist.