After Monday’s humiliating defeat at the hands on Afghanistan, Pakistan team’s journey to reach the semi-finals once again depends on the loss or wins of other teams.

After Pakistan’s defeat, if we look at the World Cup group stage points table, India is first, New Zealand is second, South Africa is third and Australia is fourth, while despite the defeat, Pakistan is still in the fifth spot.


It should be noted that the top 4 teams at the end of the group stage will qualify for the semi-finals, but now the question is whether there is any way for the Pakistan team to reach the semi-finals or not.

Pakistan can still reach the semi-finals, but for that, Pakistan cannot lose any more matches.

In the remaining four matches, the first will be against South Africa on October 27, Bangladesh on October 31, New Zealand on November 4, and England on November 11. Pakistan will have 12 points in the group stage.

Even if Pakistan wins all their remaining matches, for Pakistan to reach the semi-finals, Bangladesh will have to defeat South Africa in today’s match, while South Africa should be defeated by India in their match on November 5.

New Zealand will have to at least lose to South Africa and Australia, as this will give them 10 points and Pakistan will have 12 points after six wins. Pakistan will also benefit from the defeat of South Africa by New Zealand in their next matches. Similarly, South Africa will have 10 points after winning five matches, and Pakistan will have 12 points after winning six matches.

There are other chances of Pakistan reaching the semi-finals in this tournament, but none of them are without risk.