Punjab Home Minister Attaullah Tarar announced on Sunday that the Punjab government will declare an emergency following an increase in rape and sodomy cases in the province.

Tarar said that the increase in rape cases is a cause of concern for both society and government officials.

“Four to five cases of rape are being reported daily in Punjab due to which the government is considering special measures to deal with the cases of sexual harassment, abuse and coercion.”


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Tarar said that to combat these issues, stricter legislation would be introduced along with a separate helpline dedicated to victims seeking out help. The number of DNA samples on a fast-track will also be increased. The Punjab Home Minister added that academia, women’s rights organisations, lawyers, and civil society will be consulted regarding this issue and the process will be completed within a fortnight.


He also urged parents to not leave their children at home unattended, as perpetrators of most sexual abuse cases were close relatives and neighbours. An awareness campaign will also be run in schools about sexual harassment, added Tarar

The Current records the tally of rape cases that are reported in news outlets on a daily basis to highlight the alarming situation. We have used many different sources as listed. When will it stop?