The Pakistan Railways (PR) has announced arranging employment for a 25-year-old woman who was gang-raped last month while travelling on the Bahauddin Zakaria Express.

The decision was taken during a meeting chaired by Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique.

“We will also arrange employment for this woman. We will keep following up her case besides providing her with financial assistance,” said Khawaja Saad.


He has also ordered the train’s private operator to reimburse the woman for all legal costs paid by her.

Pakistan Railways has also appointed a senior lady officer as a focal person to deal with the case.

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After the gang-rape, the Prime Minister’s Strategic Reforms Implementation Unit (SRIU) directed Pakistan Railways to tighten security protocols for the safety of ladies travelling by train.

SRIU has also directed Pakistan Railways to deploy a Lady Railway Police Force (LRPF) in trains to ensure the safety of female passengers. A lady sub-inspector and two lady constables will be deployed at the railway stations for long journeys. 

A woman was gang-raped by three train workers while travelling from Multan to Karachi. The incident took place on May 27.