Former Prime Minister Imran Khan is among the candidates being considered to be elected the next Chancellor of Oxford University following the resignation of Chris Patten. The seat is vacant after 80-year-old Patten, who held the post for 21 years, resigned.

The position of Chancellor is largely ceremonial and is typically awarded to a former politician. Patten was the governor of Hong Kong and a Tory deputy prime minister.

For the first time, elections for the chancellor will be held online compared to the traditional process in which graduates were required to attend the process in full academic dress. The prestigious chancellorship goes to graduates of the university, usually politicians.


Among the candidates competing for the position is Imran Khan who studied Economics and Politics at Kelbe College, Oxford in 1972. He captained Oxford’s cricket team in 1974, and previously served as the chancellor of Braddford University for eight years before stepping down in November 2014.

Other contenders include former British Prime Ministers Theresa May, Tony Blair, and Boris Johnson.