Former India opener and current World Cup commentary panel member Gautam Gambhir expressed anger at Indian spectators for their inappropriate behavior towards the Pakistan team in Ahmedabad during the Pak-India match on October 14.

In a column published in Khaleej Times, Gautam Gambhir wrote, “Though our team India has won three out of three matches, I don’t think we have won the hearts of Indian cricket team supporters.”

“Our turnout at the ground during matches other than the Indian team has been extremely low which makes me wonder if we really love the game or are just obsessed with Indian superstars,” he wrote.


Gambhir also criticized the behavior of Indian fans towards opposing teams and wrote, “During the first match between Afghanistan and India in Delhi, the spectators abused Naveen-ul-Haq and continuously chanted Kohli-Kohli in front of him because in IPL there was an argument between the two, then later, we abused Babar Azam at the toss in Ahmedabad while shouting unnecessary slogans at the Pakistani batsmen while returning to the pavilion.”

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Gambhir further wrote that it is unimaginable that a society which gave the world the “concept of ‘the whole world is one family’ could be so contradictory”.

Addressing his nation, the former cricketer wrote, “If we want to win the bid for the 2036 Olympic Games, we have to adopt a more neutral attitude.”

He mentioned that Pakistan team director Mickey Arthur also criticized the atmosphere and said that it does not seem like an ICC event.

“Also when I was commentating there in Ahmedabad, I was not at all proud to see such bigoted behavior,” Gambhir wrote.

The former cricketer wrote that he is in favor of competition in sports and supporting any team but, added, “That does not give us the license to abuse and humiliate the opposing team.”