Veteran actor Ismat Zaidi recently opened up about her struggles after her divorce, when her husband left her for a younger woman.

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Speaking to a local magazine, Zaidi shared that before her divorce, she requested her husband to leave their house as their children were growing up but he refused because the other woman had told him to end things with her first. Zaidi has two children – a daughter and a son.


“I don’t understand why women cry after divorce for a person who is leaving them,” said Zaidi. “Crying is for when your husband passes away and you are in shock. I always wished that my house would not break or my husband should not divorce me. And even if he has no relations with me, his relationship with the children should not be bad so that it does not affect them.”

She shared that after being in a relationship with the other woman for two years, her husband forcibly divorced her at the behest of his second wife.

“I told him to do whatever you want but do not break our family as our children are growing but the other lady made sure to end our family,” said Ismat.

The actor went on to say that when her husband divorced her, her in-laws stepped in to support her.

“After the divorce, my husband wanted me to leave the house but my in-laws were very supportive. They said no one will leave the house and no extra person will enter this house. She will live here because we brought her,” said Ismat, adding that she was married for 23 years.

“After my divorce, I have been really strong because my in-laws were really supportive and they even kept me in their house.”

She shared that because of their support, she started working in the television industry right after her divorce and has been working since.

Zaidi has been part of several super hit dramas including Mann Mayal, Beti, Meri Guriya, Deewangi, Meherposh and most recently Fitoor.