Imran Ashraf’s ‘dream’ Mushk came to a close Saturday night with a perfect fairytale ending giving all us hopeless romantics just what we wanted on Valentine’s Day eve.

The final episode of the drama had all the usual tropes of a happy ending with star-crossed lovers coming together and riding into the sunset for their happily ever afters.

On one hand, Mehak (Momal Sheikh) and Shayan (Osama Tahir) finally reunite after Shayan managed to escape his evil Mamu Muqaddar Khan’s (Aehsun Talish) clutches while on the other, Adam (Imran Ashraf) realises his love for Guddi (Urwa Hocane) and the two get married.


Adam also turned into the knight in shining armour for Guddi after she is kidnapped and forced to marry Chotay Malik, helping her escape, though not before she slit her wrists in an act of defiance. Once she recovers, she decides to head back home and is waiting for her train, when Adam catches her and asks her to marry him. The drama ends with Adam saying ‘Shukar Alhumdulillah‘ to everything that transpired.

Meanwhile, the evil characters in the drama are punished with Chotay Malik jailed for killing Dr Rana (Raja Haider) and Muqddar Khan paralysed and confined to the wheelchair, leaving viewers satisfied with their anjaam.

While the drama had most viewers hooked with its interesting storyline and unpredictable twists and turns, it faltered at places and was slow-paced with some scenes unnecessarily dragging on. But what did work for the drama was its dramatic dialogues and brilliant performances. Imran proved to be a wonderful romantic hero and was a delight to watch on the screen. Osama was brilliant as Shayan and the range of emotions he expressed deserve a round of applause, even though most of the time you just wanted to give him [Shayan] a slap for his stupidity.

As unfortunate as it is, dramas currently trending on Pakistani television are those which are either centred on women running after other women’s husbands or the usual family issues in which two people who like each other are not allowed to get married for whatever XYZ reason. In all this hullabaloo, Mushk was like a breath of fresh air and a great example of a solid script enhanced by brilliant performances.