Devastated by India’s defeat to New Zealand, which kicked them out of the World Cup, Captain Virat Kohli said “forty-five minutes of bad cricket put us out”, and although we’re all secretly very happy India is out of the running, we should appreciate the fitness of the Indian team captain.

How does Kohli stay so fit?

Kohli eats home cooked food, avoids junk food, likes nuts with black coffee and is keen on the protein.


When he’s on the field he likes to snack on roasted channas (chick peas) for a protein surge.

He also only drinks Evian, imported from France to stay free of any water borne diseases.

Kohli believes in substituting snacks with healthy food, like fries for wheat crackers, and carries nuts around with him so he can snack when hes hungry.

He prefers egg white omelettes, soups and salads and high protein meals like chicken and salmon. He also believes in exercising every day, without fail.

On the other hand, Pak’s cricket captain Sarfaraz loves his biryani (in moderation) and beef korma with sheer maal. And despite Sarfaraz’s love for food and Kohli’s strict regime, Sarfaraz managed four runs against New Zealand and Kohli was out at one run.