Former Prime Minister Imran Khan gave an exclusive interview with renowned journalist Mehdi Hassan for his new platform Zeteo. Khan openly talked about his imprisonment experience, past regrets, and the country’s political situation.

Mehdi Hassan clarified that he could only send a list of written questions and did not directly speak to him, nor could he ask a counter-question.

Khan, who is currently incarcerated in Adiala jail, spoke about his ordeal in prison saying, “They employ psychological tactics to break my spirit, but my heart, fortified by faith in Allah, remains strong.”


Hassan asked Khan whom he blamed for everything that had happened to him since the 2022 fall of his government and he replied, “After 11 months in prison, I am certain that this ordeal was orchestrated solely by General Bajwa. I hold no one else responsible.”

The founder of PTI used strong words for the former Chief of Army Staff saying, “He meticulously planned and executed this scheme, presenting himself as a deceitful figure, creating lies and false narratives to cause both national and international chaos – all to secure his extension.”

Khan blamed ex-COAS Bajwa for “painting him as anti-American due to his insatiable thirst for power. God knows what other lies he disseminated to various countries.”

“My only regret is trusting General Bajwa,” he commented.

Interestingly, Khan did not mention current Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Asim Munir at all.

Criticizing the ruling government he said, “This government lacks legitimacy. The PML-N barely won 17 seats in Parliament. The violence, torture, and pre-poll rigging were evident. After the elections, it took them nearly two days to alter the results.”

Finally, Khan’s message was “There has been an attack on democracy and the right to self-determination of 250 million people”. He further called the February 8 general elections a sham which brought “more uncertainty and a greater trust deficit between the people and the ruling elite.”