A man in Bahrain allegedly killed his bully collegue with a slap in his face.

As per reports, in a case hearing at Bahrain’s High Criminal Court, a man from an Asian country was accused of slapping and killing a colleague after causing him permanent disability.

A medical report was submitted in court from the hospital where the victim went. The report stated that  the victim died after being slapped hard in the face.


The suspect who is an employee in an industrial company told the court that while he was on duty, collecting weeds and dirt accumulated in the workplace, an annoying co-worker along with a few others bullied him.

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“The annoying co-worker asked me to work hard and began to give orders to me. His behaviour was irritating. I did not like it because he was just bullying me as he was not in charge and I was doing hard physical effort,” the accused told the court.

The defendant was charged with assaulting and inflicting injuries on the victim and causing him a permanent disability estimated at 100 per cent, without intending to do so, as indicated in the papers.

The trial will continue on June 16 after a lawyer is assigned to defend the accused.

A neurologist told Gulf News, “The face has a huge array of nerve endings, contains around 40 muscles and 14 bones and has sensitive skin, the cartilage of the nose, joint of the jaw and eyes. A hard slap cannot only damage any of these parts but also affect the blood flow from the heart to the brain.”