The Inspector General Police (IGP) Punjab, Dr Usman Anwar, said in a press conference on Sunday that the police have data of the calls of March 8 and 9 May, adding that the call data shows similarities between both events, helping police in arresting those responsible for the riots.

PTI claimed that Ali Bilal (Zillay Shah) died during police custody when he was captured during a crackdown on party workers and supporters protesting near Imran Khan’s Zaman Park residence on March 8.

“We have records of each call made during these incidents and we are presenting them as evidence in court,” he added.


He further said that law enforcement agencies had solid evidence that PTI leaders, in­cluding Dr. Yasmin Rashid, were in­volved in May 9 attacks and the tar­gets were pre-determined. “The May 9 incidents were carried out at a specific time as planned, the targets for the attacks were pre-determined”.

While denying the accusations of PTI women being mistreated in jail, the IG said, “only lady police officers had interrogated women in custody.”