Real-life siblings Shahzad Sheikh and Momal Sheikh, who are also Shahroz Sabzwari’s first cousins, have recently opened up about the controversy that followed after Shahroz’s split with Syra Yousuf and his marriage to Sadaf Kanwal.

Talking to Ahsan Khan on his show Time Out with Ahsan Khan about the matter, Momal said: “Shahroz and Syra handled it so well – it was the best thing and that is the way it should be. People do talk about things, they have always been talking and will continue to do so.”

When Ahsan asked her about her thoughts on how the former couple handled it, Momal said: “They are mature individual adults, who handled things maturely. Both [of them] are beautiful from the inside.”


At this point, Shahzad added: “The third member, Sadaf is the most mature and down to earth woman you will ever meet. And we are so proud of the way she handled the negative feedback online. So, I guess I can say on the basis of her pure heartedness, that God’s will was always with her.”

Momal further said: “She handled everything so maturely and she is good from the heart and Allah is with such people who are good from the heart.”

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Syra and Shahroz ended their seven-year marriage in February 2020 after which Shahroz tied the knot with Sadaf in May 2020 in an intimate nikkah ceremony.